All orders for season 2024 are completed. Now you can pre-book your Alphonso Mango pulp from 2nd week of Aug.

Alphonso Mango Grades or Sizes

Alphonso Mango Grades Or Size Details:

Grade Size Range (gms) Weight Reduction during Ripening
AAA 275-300 15-25 gms (avg.)
AA 250-275 15-25 gms (avg.)
A+ 225-250 15-25 gms (avg.)
A 200-225 15-25 gms (avg.)
A(S) 175-200 15-25 gms (avg.)
Baby Alphonso 150-175 15-25 gms (avg.)


  1. Grade Classification: We offer Alphonso Mangoes in six different grades: AAA, AA, A+, A, A(S), and Baby Alphonso. These grades are categorized based on size, with no differences in color and taste.

  2. Size Ranges: Each grade has a specified size range in grams, ensuring customers can select the preferred size based on their preferences.

  3. Weight Reduction during Ripening: It’s important to note that the weight of the mangoes may reduce during the ripening process. On average, there is a minimum reduction of 15 grams to a maximum of 25 grams, depending on the individual mango and ripening conditions.

  4. Recommended Grades: We recommend A+, A, and A(S) sizes due to their availability during the season and lower risk of spongy tissues.

  5. Uniform Color and Taste: Despite the variations in size, all grades maintain uniformity in color and taste. Customers can expect the same exceptional flavor across all our Alphonso Mango grades.

  6. Seasonal Availability: The recommended sizes (A+, A, A(S)) are selected not only for their size but also for their consistent availability throughout the season.

  7. Quality Assurance: Our grading system is designed to ensure that customers receive high-quality Alphonso Mangoes, and the size differences are primarily for individual preferences.

  8. Customer Selection: Customers can choose their preferred grade and size during the ordering process to tailor their Alphonso Mango experience according to their preferences.