All orders for season 2024 are completed. Now you can pre-book your Alphonso Mango pulp from 1st July.

Alphonso Mango Orders Dispatch Schedule

1. Booking Schedule:

a. We operate on a 9-week schedule for Alphonso Mango orders. Customers can choose their preferred week for delivery during the booking process.

b. The booking schedule is designed to ensure a systematic and efficient dispatch of orders, considering the seasonal availability and freshness of the mangoes.

c. Customers can select their desired dispatch week at the time of placing the order on our website.

2. Dispatched Schedule:

a. Our dispatch schedule aligns with the 9-week booking cycle. We ship orders according to the selected dispatch week during the booking process.

b. Each week’s dispatch is carefully planned to guarantee that the mangoes reach our customers at their peak freshness.

c. Once an order is placed, it will be dispatched during the specified week, ensuring timely delivery and optimal quality.

3. Changing Booking Week:

a. Customers have the flexibility to change their booking week by contacting our customer support team.

b. To change the booking week, customers must confirm their order details, including the order number and the preferred new delivery week, via email.

c. Changes to the booking week are subject to availability and must be requested at least 7 days before the originally selected delivery week.

4. Communication on Dispatch:

a. Customers will receive a confirmation email once their order has been dispatched.

b. The email will include tracking information and details about the expected delivery timeframe.

5. Seasonal Variations:

a. Please note that the dispatch schedule may be subject to seasonal variations and external factors, but we strive to adhere to the planned schedule as closely as possible.

b. Customers will be informed promptly of any adjustments to the dispatch schedule due to unforeseen circumstances.

By adhering to this schedule booking and dispatched schedule policy, we aim to provide a streamlined ordering process and ensure that our customers receive the freshest Alphonso Mangoes at their preferred time.

Customers can easily track the status of their Alphonso Mango order directly on our website.

Order Dispatch Week Order Status
01st April 2024 To 07th April 2024 (Week 1) All Shipped
08th April 2024 To 14th April 2024 (Week 2) Orders Running
15th April 2024 To 21st April 2024 (Week 3) Orders Running
22nd April 2024 To 28th April 2024 (Week 4) Orders Running
29th April 2024 To 05th May 2024 (Week 5) Orders Running
06th May 2024 To 12th May 2024 (Week 6) Orders Running
13th May 2024 To 19th May 2024 (Week 7) Orders Running
20th May 2024 To 26th May 2024 (Week 8) Orders Running
27th May 2024 To 02nd June 2024 (Week 9) Orders Running